LocalLink is a complete IT solutions developer, providing custom Internet solutions for a decade.

While originally focusing on Internet Access, LocalLink has always been involved in the backend technologies that make the Internet such a dynamic business helper. It first began developing custom ecommerce apps for ISP clients and grew to encompass many large projects. Soon it was developing and hosting websites with hundreds of thousands of members and databases with millions of records.

LocalLink continues to use its experience to meet and surpass the expectations of its clients.

Some of our most recent work :

  • Sister Lakes Michigan Community Site
  • Backend development for an international sport game system
  • Development of a dating site, currently with over 100,000 users
  • SisterLakes.com Hotspot expanded
  • Online community and fund raising website
  • Secure online password and note storage
  • AJAX development on a variety of projects
  • 3d environment based resource management
  • Streaming of an additional radio station

LocalLink can be contacted via :

LocalLink Inc
92500 CR 690
Dowagiac, MI 49047